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American Landscapes

American Landscapes is the first major exhibition at the David C. Driskell Center to juxtapose African American artists with their contemporaries, presenting a comprehensive narrative of the contribution of African American artists to American art canon.

The works in this exhibition were selected based on the artists’ contribution to the genre of landscape art and date from c. 1850 to 2020. Of the 73 works by 68 artists, over half were selected from the Driskell Center collection, with others borrowed from outside collections. These artists were chosen for their historical relevance and their artistry while considering individual style and influence or dialogue with their contemporaries.

Additionally, the exhibition includes a selection of 30 landscape works by Professor David C. Driskell, known for his love and depiction of pine trees, gardens, and landscapes. American Landscapes is curated by Dorit Yaron, Deputy Director, assisted by Professor Curlee R. Holton, Director, both of the David C. Driskell Center.

This exhibition could not be possible without the many lenders, artists, private collectors, galleries, museums and institutions: American University, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Andrew Edlin Gallery, Baltimore Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, Kevin Cole, Columbus Museum of Art, CulturalDC, Delaware Art Museum, Gagosian Gallery, Inc., Galerie Myrtis, Cain and Denise Hayes, Jack Shainman Gallery, Juan Logan, Darryl Love, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, Miles McEnery Gallery, Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, The Phillips Collection, Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, Lou Stovall, Terra Foundation for American Art, University of Maryland Art Gallery, Kay WalkingStick, and Washington County Museum of Fine Art.

The exhibition and its catalogue are made possible with generous support from the Terra Foundation of Art’s grant for Re-envisioning Permanent Collections, the Maryland State Arts Council’s grant for organizations, as well as individual donations.

Landscape as an act, as verb, as knowledge, is fundamentally a fashioning of self.

Horace D. Ballard, Ph.D., Curator of American art at the Willliams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, Mass.

Works from 1850 - 1915

Works from 1850-1915

Works from 1915 - 1950

Works from 1915-1950

Works from 1950-1975

Works from 1950-1975

Works from 1975 - 2000

Works from 1975-2000

Works from 2000 - 2020

Works from 2000-2020

Works by David C. Driskell

David C. Driskell

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Adams, Ansel
Andrews, Benny
Archie, Mason
Bannister, Edward Mitchell
Barber, Jamaal Biddle, George
Birch, Willie 
(b. 1942)
Brown, Grafton Tyler 
Buchanan, Beverly 
Burchfield, Charles 
Charlton, Zoë 
(b. 1973)
Clark, Claude 
Clark, Linda Day 
(b. 1963)
Cole, Kevin 
(b. 1960)
Coleman, Floyd 
Costigan, John E. 
Delaney, Joseph 
Delsarte, Louis 
Douglas, Aaron 
Dowell, John E., Jr. 
(b. 1941)
Driskell, David C. 
Duncanson, Robert Seldon 
Durand, Asher B. 
Gilliam, Sam 
(b. 1933)
Gleaton, Leo Antony (Tony) 
Gornik, April 
(b. 1953)
Hayden, Palmer 
Heckman, Albert William 
Hendricks, Barkley L. 
Herring, James V. 
Hillyer, Henry Livingston 
Hines, Felrath 
Holder, Robin 
(b. 1952)
Humphrey, Nene 
(b. 1947)
Hunter, Clementine 
Inness, George 
Jarvis, Martha Jackson 
(b. 1952)
Johnson, Malvin Gray 
Johnson, William H. 
Jones, Loïs Mailou 
Kahn, Wolf 
Keene, Paul F., Jr. 
Kent, Rockwell 
Lee-Smith, Hughie 
Lewis, Norman W. 
Logan, Juan 
(b. 1946)
Mann, Sally 
(b. 1951)
Martin, Delita 
(b. 1972)
Mayhew, Richard 
(b. 1924)
Mehretu, Julie 
(b. 1970)
Pogue, Stephanie E. 
Porter, Charles Ethan 
Prendergast, Charles 
Prendergast, Maurice 
Robinson, Peter L., Jr. 
Snowden, Gilda 
Statom, Therman 
(b. 1953)
Stovall, Lou 
(b. 1937)
Styles, Freddie L. 
(b. 1944)
Tanner, Henry Ossawa 
Umbrico, Penelope 
(b. 1957)
Vanderbilt, Gloria Laura 
Walker, Kara Elizabeth 
(b. 1969)
WalkingStick, Kay 
(b. 1969)
Whittredge, Thomas Worthington 
Williams, Walter H. 
Wood, Grant DeVolson 
Woodruff, Hale 
Virtual exhibition organized and designed by Aryn G. Neurock Schriner.