David C. Driskell Center


A Vision of Paradise

Wednesday, May 13 - Friday, May 24, 2013



The David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora at the University of Maryland will organize and present an exhibition of works by Prof. David C. Driskell, titled A Vision of Paradise. The exhibition will be hosted by Gallery Ami-Kanoko in Osaka, Japan, and is scheduled to show from May 13 - May 24, 2013.

David C. Driskell -- Distinguished University of Maryland Professor Emeritus of Art, Artist, Art Historian, Collector, and Curator-- is one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of African American Art, and highly regarded as an artist and a scholar. A Vision of Paradise includes about 25 of his works on paper, including prints and drawings using vivid colors and beautiful renderings; the artist’s themes include landscape, pine trees, and some figures.

The Director of Gallery Ami-Kanoko, Yukiko Nakajima, recently completed her graduate studies focusing her research partly on the work of Prof. David C. Driskell. Over the past several years, Ms. Nakajima has been fostering new and innovative programs in Osaka and Tokyo introducing the Japanese audience to African American artists. The gallery has already hosted a number of exhibitions that have included works by Curlee R. Holton, Professor of Art and Founding Director of the Experimental Printmaking Institute (EPI) at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., and other nationally recognized African American artists. This exhibition of Prof. David C. Driskell’s work represents a major achievement on the international arts stage.

The exhibition represents the international recognition of Prof. David C. Driskell’s work and practice as a visual artist, as well as a new phase in the Center’s exhibition programming. During the exhibition, the Driskell Center’s Interim Executive Director and Acting Director, Prof. Curlee R. Holton and Dorit Yaron, respectively, will travel to Japan to give a presentation on the unique work and programming of the David C. Driskell Center. Rodney Moore, Arts Manager to Prof. David C. Driskell, will also give a presentation on the artistic development and achievements of Prof. Driskell. The Driskell’s team will be engaged in a gallery talk “Speaking and Writing about Contemporary Art," including a dialogue with graduate and undergraduate students as well as the general public on contemporary art and African American Art.

The David C. Driskell Center’s Exhibition Program is supported, in part, by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.