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Center Archivist Stephanie Maxwell and Prof. Curlee Holton
examine a document from the David C. Driskell Center Archives

To see some of the art objects and archive material, check out our website at: http://driskellcenter.pastperfect-online.com

To learn more about the newest cataloged items from our Archivist Stephanie Maxwell, please also visit our new Archives blog at: http://driskellcenterarchives.wordpress.com/


I cannot express how grateful I am to have such dedicated and enthusiastic staff and board members to help bring to life our vision of becoming a global, leading institution in the field of African American Art, focusing on Excellence in Education, Collaboration, Innovation, and Creativity. Through their hard work and determination, we are making great progress in connecting the Center to audiences all over the world! We are also working as a team to provide new opportunities for students, both at the University as well as in Maryland’s public schools, while continuing our education, exhibition and recognition of the arts well into the future!

The Center continues to strive to (1) reaffirm its purpose as an educational and cultural organization that promotes creativity, diversity, and visual arts education as a foundation for building productive and rewarding lives; (2) enhance the quality of its intellectual and programmatic core; and (3) foster the Centerís identity as a vital and engaged institution and community – local, national, and global—partner. This strategic plan builds on the Centerís past achievements and provides the framework for the future development of the Driskell Center.

Your unwavering support allows us to continue in the mission of the Driskell Center, and for that we thank you.

~ Prof. Curlee R. Holton